What is the PT Council?

What is the PT Council? The Council is a network of individual PTs committed to the enhancement of the industry in NZ.

Regional meetings, facebook and this website provide a vehicle for PTs to discuss common issues and concerns of relevance to them and the Personal Training industry. The meetings are run by the regional PT Ambassadors whose details can be found here.

The Personal Trainers Council of NZ (PT Council) is a nonprofit body made up of representatives (PT Ambassadors) from geographical regions around NZ.

Any REPs registered PT is eligible to apply to become a regional Ambassador.

The PT Council works closely with other organisations in the exercise industry, such as the New Zealand Register of Exercise Professionals and Skills Active. Admin support is provided by Exercise NZ.

Professional Development Videos

The PT Council and Active Management provide regular professional development videos (PVD) from local and international presenters as part of our way of growing and developing personal trainers and exercise professionals. The professional development videos are launched every month and are on a range of topics that will benefit exercise professionals

AUGUST 2016- Authenticity – Personal Insights for Success

With John Polley

In this discussion, JP takes a look at what it means to be authentic, using analogies and real life examples to communicate this point. It’s also an examination on how living with authenticity can create success, along with many thought provoking nuggets and questions to help you look at yourself along the way. JP comes from the trenches on this, as a movement coach, educator and mentor, not as a traditional or qualified motivational coach, and considers this webinar as sharing a more personal, individual approach to the subject with like minded professionals.

To watch this video click here.

Supporters of the Council

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