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Information for those interested in becoming a mentor.

The Personal Trainers Council (PTC) Mentoring service is all about connecting personal trainers and professionals with skills and knowledge with personal trainers and fitness professionals who are looking for knowledge.
The service is offered by the Personal Trainers Council and supported by NZ Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs) and Exercise New Zealand. ExerciseNZ provides administrative support to operate the mentoring system on behalf of the PT Council.

It’s an easy way of registered individuals sharing their knowledge with other registered professionals.


How does the mentoring service work?

We connect approved mentors with mentees through an online application and matching process.

All mentors have an area of mentoring they specialize in and mentees are connected based on what areas they want.

The mentor/mentee relationship is just like a PT/client relationship with the professionalism you display with clients and trainers carrying over into the mentoring area.


How much does it cost?

There are no costs payable to the PTC to use this connection service.

This is a business to business relationship between the mentor and mentee – by mutual agreement, both parties decide how the relationship will work, including the price, the way you interact and what services are offered.

How you plan sessions, charge etc is between the two parties. There are no pricing rules but we recommend that prices charged are similar to PT sessions so around $30-$40 for a half hour session and $50-$80 for an hour.


How do I become a mentor?

All potential mentors go through a selection process so we know you have skills and knowledge in your area.

You simply complete a mentoring application form and we will be in touch.

While you may choose to mentor only in your area it’s just as likely that you will work with someone from across the country if this suits you. Geography is no barrier as we recommend working via skype, email or phone when suitable.

All mentors that are exercise professionals must be REPs registered, those that are not, offer some sort of proven expertise in a business area relevant to PTs.


What happens after I apply to be a mentor?

One of our selection team will process your application and then get in contact to make a time for a phone interview.


What happens once I am selected as a mentor?

Once you are selected your mentoring details are loaded onto our system. When a mentee asks for a mentor with skills that you have listed we will send your details through the mentee who will make contact with you.

Just as you talk with a potential client it is expected that the first meeting between a mentor and mentee will be free.


Can I be a mentor and get mentoring as well?

Absolutely, in fact we recommend it.  The reason we have set up this service is so that trainers can access new knowledge – that includes our mentors.

Just as trainers will benefit from your knowledge in your areas you will benefit from other mentors knowledge in their areas.


Is there any ongoing support from the PTC?

The PTC mentoring service has some suggestions and standard forms but it up to you to decide whether you use them.

Our expectations of mentors are that they work within our best practise guidelines and provide feedback on how the mentoring is working for you.


Can I talk to someone before I send in an application?

You can. Our Mentor Manager is Hilary, you can reach her on


Your first step is to complete a mentoring application form below


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