PTCouncil Mentor service general information

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The Personal Training Council (PTC) Mentoring service is all about connecting mentors (personal trainers and professionals who have higher skills and knowledge) with personal trainers and  who are looking for knowledge or support with their Personal Training business.



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The service is offered by the PTC and supported by NZ Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs) and Exercise New Zealand. ExerciseNZ provides administrative support to operate the mentoring system on behalf of the PT Council.

It’s an easy way of individuals sharing their knowledge with registered professionals.


How does the PTC mentoring service work?

To use the service (ie to be mentored) all users of the service must be registered with REPs. In addition any mentores that are exercise professionals must also be REPs registered. Mentors that are not exercise professionals (ie those mentoring in busniness marketing etc) must have a proven expertise in their area.

The PTC mentoring service is a ‘connection service’.

We have a pool of vetted mentors which we connect with those who are looking for a mentor through our online service.

All mentors that are exercise professionals are REPs registered, those that are not offer some sort of proven expertise in a business area relevant to PTs, so have already met their industry standards.

We have a vetting process for specific skills areas so you can be sure you are getting put in touch with experts.

The mentor/mentee relationship is just like a PT/client relationship with the professionalism you display with clients and trainers carrying over into the mentoring area.


How much does it cost?

There are no costs payable to the PTC to use this connection service.

This is a business to business relationship between the mentor and mentee – by mutual agreement you and your mentor decide how you work together, this extends to the price, the way you interact, and what services are included.

There are no pricing rules but we recommend that prices charged are similar to PT sessions so around $30-40 for a half hour session, and $50-$80 for an hour.

Note: You must be REPs registered to use the mentoring service.


How will I choose the right mentor for me?

That’s where we help. You simply complete a mentoring application form and we will connect you with a couple of mentors who work in the area you need. You can choose to work with as many mentors as you like, as each mentor specialises in their skill area. You can also change mentors, just as not all PTs and clients are a good fit you may find a mentor doesn’t work for you

While there may be a suitable mentor in your area it’s just as likely that you will work with someone from across the country. Geography is no barrier as we recommend working via skype, email or phone.


What happens after I choose a mentor?

Once you have some mentors referred you make contact with them and decide whether you would like to work with them.

Just as you talk with a potential client it is expected that a first meeting between a mentor and mentee will be free.


Is there any ongoing support from the PTC?

The PTC mentoring service has some suggestions and standard forms but it up to you to decide whether you use them with your mentor.

Our expectations of mentors are that they work within our best practise guidelines and provide feedback on how the mentoring is working for you.

Your first step is to complete an application form to get a mentor, the process is simple, you just let us know what areas you want mentoring in and we will connect you with one or two mentors who fit your needs. From there you will contact the mentors and ask how they can help.

It’s that simple.

Download a sample Mentoring agreement here

Download a Best Practices Guidelines here