Resources for PTs

2016 Professional Development Videos

In 2016 we have moved into a new phase with our professional development recordings and are now releasing monthly Personal Development Videos (PDV). Our PDV are released every month and can be downloaded so you can watch and listen at a time that suits you.

Released March 2016- with Justin Tamsett- How To Have Clients Buy PT From You

To watch Justin’s PDV click here

Released September 2016- with Rowie McEvoy- How To Be a Weightloss Coach


To watch this video click here.

2015 Webinars

The PT Council offer webinars throughout the year, these webinars are made possible with the sponsorship from the team at Active Management and the presenters who contribute their time and expertise to help grow and educate PTs.

If you would like to get in touch with any of the presenters or look at their other work their details are below.


Adaptability (of tissue, posture, movement, mind and emotions)- With John Polley



Setting Price Structures for your Business- With Ian O’Dwyer


Hormones and Happiness: Lifestyle Change- With Wendy Sweet


The Exercise Motivation Change Cycle with Matt Williams


Sleep and Peak Performance with Aaron McCoughlin


 Hard Questions to Improve Your Business- Bevan James Eyles


Nutrition Coaching. How To Remote Control Clients’ Diets for Breakthrough Results- With Matt O’Neill


Kaizen’s Top Fitness Trends in 2014- With Dave Liow


Oh %^$# 2015 Has Started and I’m Not Ready- With Justin Tamsett


The Career of the Fitness Professional with Bevan James Eyles



Other Recommended Resources

The 2012 “Guide to Starting out in Fitness” – Is a resource for potential gym instructors and personal trainers looking to get into the fitness industry.

The “Expenses Template” is an Excel spreadsheet that allows you to estimate your business and personal expenses to see how it all stacks up financially.

REPs provides a series of excellent resources for registered trainers. If you are registered and don’t know about these then go directly to their website for more information.


If you are a trainer and have your own studio/exercise facility, or looking at setting one up, ExerciseNZ is an excellent resource. Check out information on the ExerciseNZ pages, especially the Joining ExerciseNZ page, which has information on membership options.


If you are looking for a job in the exercise industry, or have a job to list then there is now a website specifically for the exercise industry. This site also has the ability to notify job seekers when a job in their area is listed based on their selected profile.