Resources for PTs

 Recommended Resources

The 25 Top Tips FitEx sheet is a list of advice for trainers, collected from 25 industry experts.




The 2017 “Guide to Working in the Exercise Industry” – Is a resource for potential instructors and trainers as well as those already working in the industry.

For information on registration, CPD courses and other resources to help grow your business see the REPs website


There are a range of resources designed to enhance industry and support individual business, to see the range of resources available to members see the EANZ website.

If you are a trainer and have your own studio/exercise facility, or looking at setting one up one, the Joining ExerciseNZ page, has information on membership options.


If you are looking for a job in the exercise industry, or have a job to list then there is now a website specifically for the exercise industry. This site also has the ability to notify job seekers when a job in their area is listed based on their selected profile.


2018 Professional Development videos

MICHEAL HEMPSEED from The Collaborative Trust talks about the teenage brain and eating disorders here

RIC THORPE from SidekickPT Chartered Accountants speaks about financial planning for exercise professionals here

JOHN POLLEY speaks about why being a complete health, fitness and wellness professional is important and why we need to bring peak understanding of activity and exercise to our clients Here


2017 Professional Development Videos

April 2017- WHY MENOPAUSE MATTERS IN MID LIFE with Wendy Sweet from My Menopause Transformation here

June 2017- SOCIAL MEDIA ESSENTIALS with Jono Petrohilos from Fitness Education Online here

July 2017- INTERVIEW with Moana Williams a amall club owner here

August 2017- COLLABORATE with Ian O’ Dwyer from OD On Movement here

November 2017- HOW TO LISTEN TO A PODCAST with Chantal Brodrick from The Fitness Business Podcast here

December 2017- PERSONAL TRAINERS SHARE SUCCESS with Jean Scott and PTC Ambassadors here

2016 Professional Development Videos

In 2016 we moved into a new phase with our professional development recordings and are now releasing monthly Personal Development Videos (PDV).

March 2016- with Justin Tamsett- How To Have Clients Buy PT From You here

May 2016-Intrinsic Motivation – How to Get your Buzz and Keep It with Wellness Practitioner Aaron McLoughlin here

June 2016- Angela Jenkins and Dave Liow from Kaizen take you through key steps to finding your genius to create great business with ease here

September 2016- with Rowie McEvoy- How To Be a Weightloss Coach here

November 2016- Jean Scott interviews Matt Williams about what PT’s can do to assist clients in building and maintaining their motivation to make health related changes here

2015 Webinars

Adaptability (of tissue, posture, movement, mind and emotions)- With John Polley here

Setting Price Structures for your Business- With Ian O’Dwyer here

Hormones and Happiness: Lifestyle Change- With Wendy Sweet here

The Exercise Motivation Change Cycle with Matt Williams here

Sleep and Peak Performance with Aaron McCoughlin here

Hard Questions to Improve Your Business- Bevan James Eyles here

Nutrition Coaching. How To Remote Control Clients’ Diets- With Matt O’Neill here

Kaizen’s Top Fitness Trends in 2014- With Dave Liow here

Oh %^$# 2015 Has Started and I’m Not Ready- With Justin Tamsett here

The Career of the Fitness Professional with Bevan James Eyles here