Introducing Your Regional PT Ambassadors

Your regional PT Ambassadors are all successful personal trainers and fitness professionals. They are united in their passion to build the personal training business in New Zealand with integrity and credibility which is why they undertake the unremunerated role of being a Regional Ambassador.
They have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share so if you feel they can help you in any way please email them.

Abby Dutton- Head Ambassador- Based in Waikato/ Bay of Plenty

REP’s Registered Personal Trainer/Fitness Instructor, PT Business Skills

Studio Glow – NZ Exercise Awards 2018 – Studio of the Year

Diploma of Musical Theatre, ARAD, Qualified AJDA Jazz Teacher

Growing up passionate about movement and immersed in everything dance, Abby spent all of her school years preparing and performing for exam and competition work, dreaming of an international performance career.

While travelling and adding experience to her dance CV, Abby also spent 2 years studying Personal Training via distance learning. In 2016, she then settled back home in Hamilton and with her newly acquired fitness qualifications, began combining her passions to build her business, Studio Glow.

 Abby is very enthusiastic about becoming an Ambassador for the Waikato/ Bay of Plenty PT Council to help support brand new PT’s and welcome them into a friendly, encouraging community. She aims to build a strong following and an environment that is exciting to experience and feel part of, allowing a warm and friendly hub of learning and connecting.

Contact email:   Waikato Facebook Group

Amy Jane Roper – Based in Auckland

I started my fitness journey in 2014 after returning to NZ from England.  I
wanted to make new friends and combat the sedentary desk job I’d acquired, so I joined the local boot camp.  I loved the atmosphere so much that a year later, I started my own boot camp. 

Realising that not everyone’s journey is like my own, and not one for staying still, I started to look outside my own experience and I looked to my members for guidance.  This led me to complete my personal training certificate and then begin my continuing education on women’s health then starting my personal coaching business in 2018.

I took on the role as PTC Ambassador for Auckland because I truly believe that we can achieve so much more together than alone.  Every meeting is like a staff meeting, which is great when you’re a sole trader. 

My main value is connection and my hope, through this role is that I can foster connection within the fitness community between new and more experienced trainers. 

Auckland Facebook Group

Emma McCann – Based in Auckland

I have a cosy private studio in the rural Franklin District.
I retrained as a PT in 2016 in Sydney after careers as a Registered Nurse, in sales and small business admin. Our family moved back to Auckland in 2017 after 15 years across the ditch. I am a Mum to two energetic boys so having a home based business is fabulous for my family balance. My passions are health and fitness for primary aged kids and alleviating movement restrictions in the general population.
I was a finalist in Up and Coming PT of the year 2019 which was an amazing experience and growth process for me.
A mentor of mine said once “ say yes to everything”. When the opportunity came up to be an Auckland PT Council Ambassador, I took her advice!
I hope to help create a sense of community within the fitness industry where we can all connect, learn, collaborate and grow!

Auckland Facebook Group

Laurent Pang- Based in Wellington

After years as a chef and experience in the NZ Army Infantry, I became a personal trainer, massage therapist, and movement coach. This is where I really started to notice some common trends about movement and stress. They both have a very direct correlation to performance and to overall health. This lead me delve into the world of movement and health science. I haven’t stopped learning and I don’t ever intend to stop.

It is now my mission to help as many people as I can and in my view, the best way to do that is to help inspire others to do the same and to do it well. That’s how I see my role as a PT Ambassador; to serve as a mentor and to connect talented individuals together in order to facilitate an ever elevating health and fitness industry.

Gary Szabo- Based in Taranaki_HUN2811

Hi, my name is Gary, I’m a qualified Personal Trainer, I run an amazing outdoor fitness company called Boot It Taranaki. Combination of the army physical training, team building and some HIIT madness. Rain or shine, you’ll find us outside. Love doing it. We cater for all age, size and fitness levels. We also run a free community session every Saturday for those who can’t afford it.
I also compete and teach martial arts, mainly Ju Jitsu and MMA (mixed martial art), I’ve been practising since 1993.
I am a PTC Ambassador because I’m really passionate about getting regular people off their couch and getting them fitter than they ever imagined. I believe if we trainers all work together, we can make a huge difference in the shape of NZ.

Contact email:   Taranaki Facebook Group

Ravi Kumar  – Based in Wellington

My career in the health and fitness industry has been a journey!

Now 12 years in the health and fitness industry, my qualifications enabled me to work in various roles within the fitness industry, Public Health (working alongside MOH and DHB’s) and in Occupational Health.

I have also had the opportunity to gain experience with the NZ Defense force PTI and in their injury rehabilitation center. I have had contracts to work with youth, elderly, special needs population, Maori, Pacific and South Asian communities – working with, and helping people is a great passion of mine!

I am a P.T ambassador because I believe that each exercise professional should be in the same mind-frame of trying to make NZ a healthier place and to educate NZ on the value of utilising an exercise professional. Most people in the industry are self-employed and there is A LOT of factors to consider when running your own business. So, creating and maintaining a regional P.T hub is very important so we can all support one another and grow together as health and fitness professionals. I bring a diverse range of knowledge and experience towards the industry and council. My goal is to help strengthen our profession within Wellington and NZ

Wellington Facebook Group

Greg Mawson – Based in Hawkes Bay

Grego photoshoot

‘Grego’ brings a unique skill set to his personal trainer business, contracting to a gym in Napier. Out of school in ’94 he qualified as a professional chef, cooked for over six years before moving into an IT based career for over 16 years.  During this time he was involved in two IT start-ups and developed the skills required of a personal trainer out of this; sales, patience, coping under pressure and focussing on the end result.  He also enjoyed the direct contact with people and realised the value they bring to your life.  Grego led himself down an unhealthy road where he ended up at 36% body fat and potential liver damage.  After yo-yo-ing for several years, 2007 he decided to change his lifestyle and lost over 30kg’s in 26 weeks which led him to the bodybuilding stage.  He has competed well over 30 times including representing New Zealand Internationally through the INBA natural bodybuilding federation.  With this complete transformation, friends and family were asking “what’s the secret”.  He realised Personal Training was his “calling” so studied hard and qualified as a personal trainer in 2012 and never looked back.

I am a PTC Ambassador because I live by the mantra “You really can have everything in life you want, if you’ll just help enough people get what they want”.  By lifting up others you also lift yourself up.  I am passionate about helping people achieve their goals including fellow Personal trainers and those up and coming in study.  I enjoy meeting people, networking and keeping myself at the forefront of science and how the health and fitness industry is always in a constant change.

Contact email:    Hawkes Bay Facebook Group

Stefan Ryan – Based in Whangarei

My name is Stefan and I run a home studio in Whangarei.

I was born in Kaitaia and while I had a natural

attraction to sports, fitness wasn’t something that came naturally to me and over the years I put on more and more weight. When I finally realized I needed to make some big changes, I was a 147kg, alcoholic and drug addict.  I focused on getting sober first and I’m proud to say that later this year will mark 20 years clean and sober.  By my mid 30’s my interest in fitness had awoken, I had lost 64kg, completed a half marathon, two weeks after a triathlon and I knew at that point I needed to know more so I studied at AUT in 2015.

I had finally found the missing piece in my life…..purpose.

Then as I became increasingly excited about how I could use my experience to help people, I had an L4-5 disc prolapse and rupture, the resulting nerve root compression was a pain I will never forget.  Over the course of a year fighting for surgery, I was prescribed more and more pain relief and my life, my purpose that I had just discovered slipped piece by piece through my fingers and I slipped into a dark depression.

I’m happy to say, this was really the start of something amazing!   I had surgery and with the support of many people, started to fight back. Over the 2.5 years that have passed, there have been challenges all the way but what I’ve learned about myself has been a blessing.

I have learned too many lessons to keep them to myself and if I can share one thing with one person and their life is a little better because of it then nothing has been wasted.

I want to be a PT Council Ambassador because we all have unique skills and experience, if we can get together and share with each other, the bar gets raised for all of us, we all get better, we all win and so do our clients.

Contact email:    Whangarei Facebook Group